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What is an editorial calendar?



An editorial calendar is a document that determines all the production of a given marketing strategy within a given period. 

 done. Because of this, it is a major prerequisite for any process.

To carry out a sprint, for example, you need to know what materials will be produced and what their deadlines are.

Or even for production to run Netherlands Phone Numbers normally, without necessarily involving organizational techniques, the calendar is essential.

Where is an editorial calendar used?

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Through it, process managers can organize the stages for producing material, which are rarely concentrated in just one person.

For example: through the social Bahamas Phone Number List media editorial calendar, the process manager can understand what the deadlines are for each post, and organize when each person involved in production will carry out their steps.

Wherever there is content production and deadlines to be followed, an editorial calendar becomes mandatory.

Come with me:

For social networks

This is one of the most basic and necessary editorial calendars for any marketing team, whether in an agency or in-house. 

Social media posts are one of the most chaotic pieces of content to produce.