Fighting Back: Strategies to Block Telemarketers and Protect Your Number


The Do Not Call Registry: Your First Line of Defense
Register your phone number (landline and mobile) on the National Do Not Call Registry. It’s not a magical shield, but it significantly reduces telemarketing calls.

Silence is Golden: Don’t Engage with Robocalls
Those automated voices are tempting, but resist answering or pressing any buttons. Engaging with robocalls can confirm your number’s validity and lead to more calls.

Block Numbers and Report Robocalls
Most phones allow you to block specific numbers. Additionally, report unwanted calls to the FTC to help them track down and penalize telemarketers.

Be Cautious with Information Sharing

Think twice before providing your phone number to unknown websites or businesses. Only share this information when absolutely necessary.

Consider Third-Party Call Blocking Apps:
Explore reputable call blocking apps that utilize community-sourced Malaysia Phone Number and algorithms to identify and block potential spam calls, including those that might use your phone number.

Opt Out of Data Sharing:
Many websites and online services allow you to opt out of data sharing with third parties. Look for these options during checkout or registration processes.

Beyond Blocking Calls: Proactive Strategies Fighting Back: Strategies

Use Separate Numbers for Business and Personal Use: Consider having a separate phone number for business or online transactions. This can help keep your personal number free from Australian Phone Number telemarketing calls related to those activities.
Be Wary of Free Trials and Offers: Spammers often use “free trials” or enticing offers to lure you into providing your contact information. Research before signing up for anything, and read the fine print regarding how your information will be used.