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The most expensive is not necessarily

The price of Apple phones has always been the highest among smartphones. In addition to being known for having the highest specifications, its industrial design, product experience, versatility, etc. are also among the best. Because of this, many users are willing to pay for them.

 The test data provided by Ookla

is important mainly because the data is provided by users, not from corporate laboratories, and Iran Phone Number List covers various real-world conditions, such as distance from base stations and network congestion. Ookla said that they provide millions of tests every day and have completed 20 billion tests in total.

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Although it is not easy for users

to tell the difference in mobile web page download speed, it is easy to identify the difference in Afghanistan Phone Number List video quality, download songs or send emails. However, network speed is not the only important indicator for mobile devices. Apple’s main processor is still recogniz as the leader in the industry.