What is a Hard Bounce in Email Marketing?

A bounced email indicates it wasn’t delivered to its intended recipient. This can be due to a temporary or permanent rejection by the mail server.

Your email will be bounced if this happens, and you’ll receive an automatic response notifying you of the failed delivery.

Bounced emails can be caused by several factors. These reasons can include:

  • An incorrect email address
  • Server outages
  • A recipient’s inbox being full

You may also experience bounced emails if you are experiencing problems at your end, as the sender.

In certain circumstances, this may mean:

  • You have been flagged as spam too many times
  • You have a restrictiveomain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) record that prevents your email from passing DMARC verification

What is hard bounce vs. soft bounce?

The bounce rate of your email marketing list is a reliable indicator of its health. Emails might bounce for a variety of reasons, but these are usually classified as soft or hard bounces.

Hard Bounce

When an email cannot be delivered for Iran Phone Number Data permanent reasons, it is called a hard bounce. There is usually a problem with the recipient’s address being invalid or out of date.

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If the domain does not exist, or the subscriber typed the address incorrectly, it may have been an error.

This metric is crucial in email marketing, as a high number of hard bounces can lead to the sender’s domain being blacklisted.

Therefore, it’s important for marketers to regularly monitor their email lists, ensure they’re targeting the right Bahamas Phone Number List audience, and provide options for users to update their contact information.

When an email is returned, the sender gets a notification about the failed delivery. If the email was returned due to a hard bounce, the recipient’s email address is immediately removed from the sender’s mailing list.

This is because the email address is no longer valid, and any further attempts to send emails to this address will result in more bounces.