Here are some of KOI’s hidden gems that are super delicious

There are more and more milk tea shops opening in Malaysia. Whether it is Tealive, Tiger Tang, Chatto, The Alley or KOI milk tea, they all have their own unique characteristics and charm!

But among the many milk tea brands, I think KOI’s milk tea is slightly better because KOI’s Golden Bubble is a topping that other milk tea shops definitely don’t have! Especially the chewy texture, it will make people drink it one sip after another, and finish it before they know it!


However, I seem to only order KOI’s signature drink, the Golden Bubble Milk Tea. But in fact, KOI has many other signature drinks that are just as good as the Golden Bubble Milk Tea! What are these delicious but lesser-known drinks? Today, I will tell you one by one!

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Matcha Macchiato (S: RM 6.50,M: RM 9.50)


In addition to Golden Bubble Milk Tea, Match Macchiato is also one of KOI’s Signature drinks! Friends who like to drink green tea must try this cup! In addition to the rich tea aroma, there is also 1/3 layer of fresh milk. Matcha and fresh milk are a perfect match!


Ovaltine Macchiato (S: RM 9.50,M: RM 13.0)


Ovaltine is actually Ovaltine Macchiato, a famous drink originating from European countries, containing a variety of nutrients, such as barley malt, milk, eggs and cocoa powder. It tastes like a strong chocolate aroma, paired with a mellow and rich fresh milk! But the only drawback is that it is a bit expensive!


Black Tea Macchiato (S: RM 6.50,M: RM 9.50)


In fact, all KOI Macchiato series are worth ordering! Just like this Black Tea Macchiato, thick cream and mellow black tea, you can taste the sweetness of fresh milk Hong Kong Phone Number List and black tea with every sip! Some netizens also said that after drinking this drink, they will only order this cup when they go to KOI in the future! Emmm, I haven’t tried this cup, but I really want to try it next time to see if it is really good!

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 Brown Sugar Milk Tea (S: RM 8.20,M: RM 11.30)


The Brown Sugar series is the latest drink launched by KOI! In addition to Brown Sugar Milk Tea, there are 3 different flavors of drinks: [Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte with Golden Bubble] and [Brown Sugar Fresh Milk]. In addition to the moderate sweetness, each brown sugar drink is very smooth and delicious!



5. Grass Jelly Milk Tea(S: RM 8.50,M: RM 11.50)


If you like to drink milk tea with grass jelly, this is the right choice! Not only is the taste delicate and smooth, but the aroma of grass jelly is also very mellow Albania Phone Number List and delicious! Moreover, KOI has always been generous with the toppings, whether it is Golden Bubble or Grass Jelly, they are all given enough! You can taste the chewy texture of grass jelly with every sip!


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