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If you are developing an application

To check whether an email has been read, it usually depends on the email service provider and email client you use. Here are some common methods:

1. **Webmail services (such as Gmail, Outlook.com)**:
– **Gmail**: Log in to your Gmail account, open the email, and if the email has been read, there will be an open envelope icon next to the email title.
– **Outlook.com**: After opening the email, the read or unread status will be displayed next to the email title.

Desktop email clients

(such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)**:
– In the email list, read emails are usually France Phone Number List displayed in normal font, while unread emails may be bold or displayed in a different font.
– The appearance of read and unread emails can be adjusted according to the settings of the email client.


Mobile email clients

(such as Gmail, Mail on mobile phones, etc.)**:
– After opening the email, read emails are usually displayed as normal text, while unread emails may be displayed in bold font or have an unread mark.

4. **Mail API**:
– and use the Mail API to access your Afghanistan Phone Number List mailbox, you can usually get the read status of the email through the API.

In general, most email service providers and clients will intuitively display the read status of the email, which is usually clearly visible in the email list or on the interface after the email is opened.