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There is a starting salary and the

How does your salary position itself in the market?

A Higher than the market (0 points)
B On par with or slightly below the market (1 point)
C Much lower than the market (2 points)


Is the company’s salary increase and promotion mechanism perfect? ​​What do you think of this system?

A increase is satisfactory (0 points)
B There is a starting salary but the increase is not high (1 point)
C There is almost no salary increase (2 points)


 Does the company distribute year-end bonuses?

A Yes and I am Estonia Phone Number List very satisfied (0 points)
B Yes but not much (1 point)
C Almost none (2 points)

sfied (0 points)
B Average (1 point)
C 2 – Do you find your current job challenging?

A Fully challenging (0 points)
B Adequately manageable (1 point)
C No challenge at all, no sense of value (2 points)

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  How fungible are the jobs?

A Hard to be replaced (0 points)
B Average (1 point)
C Can be replaced at any time (2 points)


Is there room for development Algeria Phone Number List and growth in the current position?

A There are still many new things to learn (0 points)
B It’s just so-so (1 point)
C There is basically nothing new to learn (2 points)