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What is a Sales Playbook?

Who creates the Sales Playbook?

The Sales Playbook is a document that guides the sales team’s efforts to generate more customers. 

How this happens, however, is the great mystery.

Defining the Sales Playbook is simple, we’ve already done it in one line. In fact, in the introduction to this text it should have already become quite clear to you what it does.

We can summarize Ecuador Phone Numbers the Sales Playbook as a manual . It is through it that all salespeople have access to the company’s best practices, its sales strategies, its integrated marketing efforts, its own sales techniques, etc.

The Sales Playbook is very necessary because a sales team cannot leave salespeople working in small islands , each one doing whatever their heart tells them to do.

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Everyone needs to work together and in a standardized way, so that it is possible to measure efforts and identify successful practices and repeat them.

The Sales Playbook provides information such as: 

And whatever else is necessary Bolivia Phone Number List to improve the work of the sales team.

But who creates the Sales Playbook? Is it the company itself? Is it an outsourced professional? It all depends. Let’s talk about it now:

Well, as we discussed, it depends a lot.

The Sales Playbook can be prepared by an internal team, with support or even management from the sales team, or by a specialized consulting firm.

Most people who opt for consulting do so because the Sales Playbook is a complex document, which involves information that goes far beyond sales. 

And areas of expertise too.

And those who choose to prepare the document within the company are seeking to save on investment while leading a collective team effort.