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Google Shopping structure for large

When we are dealing with e-commerce

with several Ecuador Mobile Number List thousand products, and we want to create a Google Ads structure, Through Google Shopping campaigns and Performance Max for eCommerce , That treats all our references as they deserve.

We need to think (and think a lot) about the custom tag structure that we are going to follow. How should we organize this number of references to optimize profitability?

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It is common to start by separating the “wheat from the chaff”, that is, the relevant products from those that are less so. And Pareto’s law is often applicable, Which states that 80% of our sales will come from 20% of our products. So it is vital that we identify that 20% of products.

However, with such a large volume of references, talking about 20% is talking about up to 2,000 products; my recommendation. Would be to narrow it down further and identify those 200-500 100% winning products, The products with the highest conversion rate, Relevance for business and good margin.

As you can see, in order to identify these products, A lot of variables come into play:


With this alone, we could have all 5

custom labels filled, but we can summarize it in just one, Using the “winners” label for 1-3% of our products that meet all those requirements.

Google Shopping for large eCommerce sites (+10,000 references)

Don’t go crazy with segmentations : you have to have a Australia Phone Number List number of campaigns that allow you to work differently on those products with better performance, but if you have too many campaigns in the end it will be difficult for you to manage, analyze and optimize them all on a daily basis.

Focus on what sells well: Assume that you will have products that do not sell, Or that do not generate clicks. Instead of obsessing over it, Put your energy into optimizing what is selling.
Don’t be afraid to have a catch-all: sometimes, Having “everything else” campaigns that bring together products that don’t fit into the other campaigns in the strategy can be the best idea.