SEO Case: Increasing Traffic in an Online Auto Tuning Store

We were tasked with significantly¬† increasing the site’s traffic from search engines. To do this a search audit was conducte and all. Errors and comments that were identifie were correcte. High-quality, relevant content SEO Case: Increasing ranks better in Google on average, and is recognize by signals such as writing style and the relative position of key and relate terms in the text, high word count, and use of rich media.

The main difficulty was

The large number of pages Ebay Data with non-unique, repeating content. These were mainly product card pages. A lot of work was done to rewrite and make the texts on the site unique.

During the work process, we constantly creat new pages, covering the maximum number of queries from semantics. Together with the client, we made a big plan – to achieve an increase in traffic of an average of 3,000 every month!

In the presentation on

Slideshare you can see the main figures and indicators that we manag to achieve. If you have any questions about the case, ask them in the comments. We will be happy to answer and share our knowledge!

And you can always Chinese Australia Phone Number List contact Tactics , we know how to increase traffic in an online auto tuning store.a well-optimize technical page (convenient site structure, short content delivery time and presence of meta tags) has good positions on average.