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Such as allowing employees to bring

Most companies do not allow employees to bring their children to the company during working hours, mainly because they are worried that children will distract employees and may cause them to lose focus on their work, and may also interfere with other colleagues. Of course, some companies have special benefits for this, their children to the company during holidays, provided that it does not affect their own and others’ work.

Recently an anonymous netizen

Shared an annoying experience on Cyprus Phone Number List the “Breaking News Community”. His company implemented a policy that allows employees to bring their children with them when they are on duty during holidays, but the premise of this policy is that it cannot affect other people’s work. However, this netizen encountered serious problems caused by the child brought by one of his colleagues.

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According to netizens, the behavior Argentina Phone Number List of this colleague’s child after he appeared in the company was intolerable. Not only did the child run around and make trouble, he even rummaged through drawers, messed up the desk, ate colleagues’ snacks without permission, and screamed and hit people when stoppe.