The traits that interviewers like most in job applicants!

What kind of interviewees do interviewers like? I believe this is a question that many job seekers are curious about. They certainly hope that the interviewer likes just the same type of people as them. However, there are thousands of job seekers, but there are not many job seekers that interviewers like. The following are the characteristics of job seekers that interviewers like the most!


1. Share similar values ​​with the company culture

Employee loyalty and sense of belonging all come from their identification and acceptance of the company culture, so interviewers will look for people with similar values ​​to the company culture during the recruitment process.

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2. Honesty and reliability

When a mature company recruits talents, in addition to their abilities, they often consider their moral qualities, especially their sense of integrity, dedication and responsibility. During the interview, you need to show the interviewer that you are an honest and reliable person.


3. Confidence and composure

People who can confidently and calmly deal with Romania Phone Number List any interview questions can also think calmly when faced with work problems. This requires a high level of psychological quality. Today’s high-pressure workplace requires people with strong psychological qualities.

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4. Be modest and prudent

One of the differences between an interview and a face-to-face talk is that the other party in an interview is often the majority. When faced with USA Phone Number List more in-depth questions, you can also think calmly. If you don’t understand something, you should ask humbly or frankly say that you don’t understand. This will leave a good impression of your honesty on the interviewer.

The 4 most worthwhile paths to take after get off work will determine whether you can surpass 90% of your peers!

Where do you go and what do you do after get off work? It will determine who you will be next year!

In the few minutes before getting off work, we all start to think about what we are going to do next? Go home and fall asleep, go out for tea and play with friends, or turn on the TV to watch Korean dramas or play games all night?

After get off work, if you take these 4 paths, I believe you will outperform many of your peers.

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1 – The path of learning

After get off work, many people will choose to do things that can bring them short-term happiness, thinking that work is so tiring and they have to study when they get home. They usually watch TV series, play games, and go to bars. It is not wrong to indulge occasionally, after all, life is for enjoyment, but self-discipline is the premise of freedom. Only self-discipline can solve most of the sufferings in our lives.

2 – Ways to make money

After returning home, run a side business to create your own second income, such as online sales, writing articles, anchoring, etc. More than 80% of the rich have at least three sources of income. In today’s era, the income from a single job is no longer Finland Phone Number List enough, and finding a side job for yourself is an extra guarantee. Moreover, there are many uncertainties in work. Only if we have multiple skills can we ensure that we will not end up on the street because of losing our main job.

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3 – The road of networking

The connections mentioned here are not those Chile Phone Number List who invite you to the bar to drink and chat about gossip, but those who can help you in your career or make you better and better. We should strive to squeeze into the circle of excellence, only in this way can we be exposed to and recognize more things that open our eyes.

【Please reply my email ASAP】It would be strange if this didn’t offend people! If you want the other party to reply to your email as soon as possible, this is the polite and appropriate way to write!

Every day when I get to work and open my mailbox, I see countless emails popping up. When the responsibilities are greater and there are more things to deal with, it is inevitable that more time will be spent reading and processing each email. This is a problem that every working person will face. Therefore, we will always encounter the situation where the other party is late in replying, forgetting or missing to read.


If you want the other party to reply to your email as soon as possible, not to forget your request, or to notify you as soon as possible when there is new information, you can use the following English email closing statement to write your email.

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1 – Want the other person to reply to you

When writing an email, we are not just expressing personal requests or statements, but hoping that the other party can provide some information, ideas Afghanistan Phone Number List or suggestions after reading the email. We can express the idea of ​​[hoping for a reply from the other party] at the end of the email. How should we write it specifically? In fact, you can write it like this:

Look forward to hearing from you.
Appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your feedback.
Always happy to hear from you. I would be very happy to hear from you.
Your feedback will be of great assistance.

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2 – Want the other party to reply as soon as possible

If the situation is urgent and you want the other party to read your email first and process and reply as soon as possible, you can express the urgenc y in the following way in the closing sentence. You can also specify the time frame you want the other party Cayman Islands Phone Number List to reply in the email.

Appreciate your quick response on this matter. Thank you for your quick response on this matter.
Please respond at your earliest convenience. Please respond at your earliest convenience.
We kindly request a response by this Wednesday. esponse at the earliest. I would be grateful if I get the feedback/response at the earliest.

“Do you have any questions?” When asked this question by HR, don’t just answer “no” foolishly. Instead, seize the opportunity to ask these 5 questions!

Every time you communicate with HR, they usually a. Isk you “Do you have any other questions?” At this time, most people will answer “No”. Do you know how mu. KIch of a good opportunity you have lost when you say this! So, next time you encounter this situati. KIon, don’t give a perfunctory answer, but seize the opportunity to ask these 5 things first.


1. If I am successfully admitted, what position can the company give me?

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You should first understand what position the company will give you if you are accepted. Some people do not know what position they are applying f, and it is too late to regret it. Moreover, if the company suddenly changes its mind and gives you another position after you ask clearly, it is the company that is at fault first, and you can ask the company for compensation or something.


2. How to calculate the salary system


This is very important. Don’t think that as long as the company can give you an opportunity to apply, you are satisfied. Instead, you should ask clearly Denmark Phone Number List how much salary the company can give you, and how the salary system is calculated, whether it increases every year or depends on the work situation. To be honest, if you don’t understand the company’s salary system, you will definitely suffer. Don’t wait until you think there is a problem before pursuing it.

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3. What kind of person is your direct supervisor?

After entering the company, you need to know what kind of person your direct supervisor is, what achievements or background he has. Because Colombia Phone Number List your work and situation in the company are closely related to your direct supervisor. Just like you need to know what kind of person your partner is before you can marry him/her with peace of mind, similarly, you also need to know what kind of person your supervisor is before you can work under him/her with peace of mind. In addition, the more impressive your supervisor’s background is, the more you can learn from him/her, so it will be beneficial for you to understand him/her clearly first.