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List of technical requirements

If they are not applied at the very beginning, problems will appear at the List of technical requirements next stages of work with the site, the correction and.  not meet expectations in terms of visibility, traffic and profitability. List of technical requirements. List of technical requirements.   The customer receives: Clustered semantic core of the site for website commercialization. Internal page linking scheme;Mandatory stages of SEO website.

The semantic core is a set of user search

design Compilation of the semantic core of Special Data the site queries distributed across clusters and website pages. Queries characterize what users are looking for on List of technical requirements the Internet. Videos on how to build a house on your own. The first option is a commercial request, and the second is informational. Different types of requests require different pages.

If a website is being developed for

a construction company, it must be optimized Chinese American Phone Number List for commercial requests.  This leads to an important task for an.  To understand the intent.  Of search queries and distribute them into groups.  Keywords have been collected and divided into groups, the SEO specialist begins developing the website structure.