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He currently serves as a consultant



A and scholarly publishing experience. Amber Osman is a passionate open science expert and an award-winning journal editor advancing theĀ  Canada WhatsApp Number publishing process by employing innovative research and publishing solutions. She is also a member of prominent scholarly publishing committees advocating for best practices in open access to scholarly content. She is currently working in Pakistan & Law Firm. LinkedIn. Carlo Joseph Moschito Carlo is a teacher from the Philippines and an advocate of liberal culture and openness movements. He has worked at several print publishing companies and an educational technology company focusing on content development of instructional materials.



He currently serves as a consultant focused


on developing content for a pilot education technology solutions project for last-mile schools in the Philippines. He is the only member from the Philippines in the Creative Commons global network, a volunteer on several Wikimedia projects such as the Encyclopedia of Philippine Heritage, and a member of the Election Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Twitter LinkedIn Delma Larson is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Graduate Group in Biophysics at the University of California, Davis. Delmar received his Ph.D. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Chicago and held postdocs in biophysics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and chemistry at the University of Southern California.


Delmar’s current research interests span


many scientific disciplines including Egyptian Number Data biophysics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, and computational modeling. A common theme is the study and characterization of rapid condensed phase dynamics. is the founder and director of the program, which consists of independently operated and interconnected libraries focused on strengthening higher education in specific areas such as the social sciences and humanities. ===Isaac Olorentimilehin Isaac Olorentimilehin is an undergraduate student at the University of Ilorin currently in his final year majoring in Urban Planning. He is a member of the Wikimedia Movement in Nigeria and leads the Wikimedia Club of the University of Ilorin.