They can’t control their temper and want

People who often lose their temper easily will start to complain about everything when they encounter some small problems. to get angry at everything they see. For example, you lose your temper when it rains after get off work, you lose your temper when you forget to bring your keys, and you lose your temper when others leave work earlier than you. Others will just laugh it off when they encounter these trivial things, but you can’t let it go. No wonder you always feel unlucky.

Having great ambitions but being too lazy to take action

Every day you dream of Canada Phone Number List buying a house, getting a promotion and a raise, achieving financial freedom, and finally retiring and traveling around the world. The idea is good, but you are just daydreaming. When others are working hard to achieve these goals, you are just sitting there, trying to fish in troubled waters. And when others achieve more than you, you become jealous of them, thinking that God only sees others and doesn’t leave a chance for you.

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No matter what you get, you take it for granted and are not grateful

When you get admitted, you take it for granted. When you win the lottery unexpectedly, you also take it for granted. You have no gratitude at all. When you suddenly don’t get it one day, you will think that it is not your own problem, but that you Afghanistan Phone Number List are unlucky, God is not on your side, and others are just lucky. Please remember that “if you get it, I am lucky, if you don’t, it is my fate”, always be grateful and keep moving forward.