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Spanish Sign Language (LSE) Course

Sign language is a language like any other, the difference is that in this language hearing and speech are not put into practice, but rather a combination of sight, hands and facial expression is used, the latter being essential to give the intonation and intention of what is to be communicated.

During the course you will learn Spanish Sign Language, but there are two languages ​​in Spain, Spanish (LSE) and Catalan or LSC ( see free Catalan course ), which have variations between them, although they are similar. In the rest of Spain there are also variations, but they are minimal.

The more different signs you know for a word, the more knowledge you will have of this language.
People who use sign language are mostly deaf people because it is a natural form of communication when they cannot hear, although some hearing people also use it.

A professional who masters both languages , spoken language and sign language, is an interpreter .

This sign language course for the deaf has been exclusively for by interpreter Tania Álvarez .

Who is the basic sign language course aie at?

It is aimed at all those teachers (see free courses for teachers ), speech therapists Email List or people who want to learn sign language at a basic level to be able to communicate with other deaf, deaf-mute or people with oral communication problems (see other courses for people with disabilities ).

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What will you learn in the basic sign language course?

The course taught exclusively via video by Tania Álvarez for will teach:

Introduction to sign language
Basic vocabulary
Technology UK Email List and Social Media
Colors and numbers
Nature and Animals
Time: months, days and hours
Sentence structures in sign language
Verbs and Classifiers in Sign Language
Characteristics of deaf people
Greetings and conversation with sign language.