The top 4 real estate developers on the blacklist


Some people choose to buy real estate when investing. However, one of the biggest risks of buying real estate is encountering bad developers .In order to prevent the public from falling into the trap of these unscrupulous developers, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has blacklisted these housing developers for public reference.

These blacklisted developers are basically those involved in problematic projects, such as: failure to complete projects on schedule, no construction for more than 6 months, shelved projects, facing company liquidation or takeover, etc.


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When purchasing a property, most Malaysians usually take out a loan from a bank and make installment payments over a period of 30-35 years. It can be sai that they spend most of their lives payoff the mortgage.

Therefore, if you encounter problems such as bad Austria Phone Number List developers at this time, the homeowner will definitely have a lot of headaches. Therefore, before buy a property, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development to check which bad developers are blacklist!

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These blacklists are cleared and categoriz into 4 groups:

Unlicensed Housing Developers Unlicensed Algeria Phone Number List Housing Developers.
Tribunal for Housebuyer Claims Award (TTPR) Developers who do not comply with the Housing Tribunal’s decision.

Failure to pay the Compound Developers who have not paid the fine [ Click here ]
Developer Involved in Abandoned Housing Projects Developers Involved in Abandoned Housing Projects.