Suchard’s First Christmas pays tribute to loved ones gone

Suchard’s First Christmas pays tribute to loved ones gone

The Christmas campaigns are beginning to land. That is why Suchard , Mondelez’s nougat brand, launches “The First Christmas. For all the Christmases we have left to live” , which has been created together with Ogilvy . With this emotional audiovisual piece they want Spanish families to do their bit to keep the magic of Christmas alive through family connections. Alicia Luna , winner of a Goya for best original screenplay for “Te Doy mis ojos” , has been in charge of developing the script for the piece. The brand has always opted to build its Christmas messages with the family as the protagonist. Friendship and time shared with loved ones are an important axis of these celebration dates. 

The First Christmas by Suchard

Miguel Alonso Lamamié de Clairac, who industry email list is the Senior Brand Manager of Suchard, pointed out that this emotional and authentic story shows how a Spanish family stays together after one of the most difficult situations they can face. As the professional points out, “to overcome this difficulty, each member gives their best, trying, together, to preserve the traditions and keep the magic of Christmas alive. A campaign where we want to pay tribute to the great hosts , as well as invite all Spaniards to contribute their grain of sand, so that we keep the magic of Christmas alive.

Suchard's new personalized tablets

Added to the emotional piece, the EA Leads brand launches a proposal to spread happiness in the form of nougat during this Christmas. As it has been doing since 2020 , Suchard launches new varieties of its famous nougats with messages of gratitude and love, which encourage giving to loved ones, with messages such as “I love you”, “Thank you” or “Merry Christmas”. For this reason, Suchard proposes as the central narrative of this new spot the story of a family that has lost a loved one. And the importance of keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

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