Engage Your Audience and Measure Performance

Engage Your Audience and Measure Performance

Once your streams are up and running. You can jump into important conversations by replying from your dashboard. So when someone shares your latest tweet or talks about your great service. You can reply quickly without opening multiple platforms. Hootsuite also comes with inbox. An all-in-one communication tool for social media that helps you keep tabs on all your dms and comments in one place and address sensitive issues in a timely manner. Before they become a threat to your reputation . This includes: private messages and dms public messages and posts on your profiles dark and organic comments mentions emoji reactions and more.

All from One Easy-To-Use Dashboard

The all-in-one agent workspace makes it easy to track the history of any individual’s interactions with your brand on social media across your accounts and platforms . Giving your team the context neee to personalize replies add notes to customers’ profiles inbox integrates with salesforce and microsoft dynamics handle messages as a team. With intuitive message queues. Task assignments. Statuses. And filters track response times and csat metrics free demo plus. Inbox comes with handy automations: automate message routing auto-responses  and save replies automatically b2b email list triggered customer satisfaction surveys ai-powere chatbot features brand watch. Brand watch is a social listening platform that searches through billions of social media interactions.

Launch Campaigns Build Awareness Around Initiatives

It delivers insightful data about your brand’s reputation. Screenshot of the watch dashboard on Hootsuite with brand watch. You learn what words are most commonly associate with your brand. You also know how often people talk about your company. And then you see the sentiment behind all those conversations. Brand watch is fully integrate with Hootsuite. You can view and EA Leads respond to big-picture trends and individual instances from one place. Review trackers rounds out your social media reputation management toolbox by giving you a convenient space to see and engage with your online reviews. Screenshot of a Hootsuite streams dashboard featuring reviews from the review trackers integration.

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