A huge aspect of digital

A huge aspect of digital

transformation is the culture of a business and what it offers in terms of learning and development. Not only to drive digital maturity but to demonstrate investment in the future of its employees.

As the pressure to improve learning and development opportunities continues to intensify across industries. those with skills progression ne. to develop new ways to empower employees while offering opportunities to grow within the business.

According to Workplace Learning Report. 94% of working professionals confirm they would remain loyal to their current business if it invests in their continual learning and development. So. how do businesses drive the ‘people’ part of digital transformation.


 To answer that we 

to explore the three essential elements of Malta Telemarketing Data the process: mindset. skillset and toolset. 1) Mindset When it comes to digital. The mindset stage of the transformation process is about leadership. strategy and culture. Here. the end goal of the business is adopting a culture with digital thread. into its DNA.

While the lack of buy-in

from senior executives was once cit. as the reason for the slow progression of digital transformation. it now seems to be the involvement of frontline staff that is causing obstacles. While CEOs are heavily involv. in (and committ. to) transformational change. many frontline employees find the process more challenging.

 Yet while this is the case

studies from McKinsey & Company show that many leading organizations find it harder to attract and upskill tech-savvy executives than talent. technical frontline staff. Upskilling talent Upskilling talent.

To reap the rewards of a seamless digital transformation process and ensure everyone is engag. in the process.

The solution is two-fold

communication and Argentina Phone Number List empowerment. Communication – Companies with senior executives that communicate with employees across all levels of the organization are far more likely to achieve transformation success compar. to those who don’t employ it. In fact. businesses with effective communication programs and support are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their rivals.

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